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*taps mike* Is this thing on?

Hello kids,

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I have never really been good at endings. So I guess I will just say thank you with all my heart, and I wish all of you the best. And seriously, if anyone's interested in food and/or the occasional random story about my cats (we are elderly and lame, and we just hang out with our cats all day now), come visit us over at foodhole.
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I just totally walked in on one of my girl cats full-on giving my boy cat a rim job on the guest bed while her sister watched. My cats are PERVS, dudes.

(I am fairly certain they have been getting into my gay porn while I'm at work. I am a BAD MOTHER.)
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Politics and Schmolitics

QB posted the following video on his blog, and I feel compelled to share it with all you other damn liberal hippie-types (side note: my college boyfriend's pet name for me was "pink commie bastard" because I am so left-leaning).

I have actually now informed QB of my intention to throw him over and pursue Jack Cafferty for his hand in marriage. QB's reply? "You can't marry him. I want to marry him."

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Save Bitch!

Y'all, Bitch magazine is in big trouble, and needs a serious influx of cash before October 15th to stay in business.

I know money is tight all around these days, and we're all holding on to our wallets - believe me, my poor debit card is about to fall apart with the frequency I need to gas up the car with an hour and a half daily commute. But if you have any extra pocket change, or if you have a budget for charitable contributions please consider supporting Bitch. It's a nonprofit magazine with a really great message.

It's sort of a scary time in this country to have lady parts - depending on how the upcoming election goes, politicians might start attempting to get a lot more regulatory on our reproductive organs. Bitch is a really great resource for how to be an activist to protect yourself.

So! If you can afford it, please consider making a donation. Save Bitch!

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Kate and QB Blog The VMAs!

So, I just got off a 10-hour shift at work a few hours ago, and I got home, and I said to myself, "Self, you could go to bed, OR you could make QB stay up late with you and watch the goddamn VMAs." Obviously, masochism trumps a good night's sleep, so QB and I sat our asses down and watched the whole enchilada. On top of everything else? We were SOBER! It seems I might be allergic to alcohol. The things I do for art!

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I know we say this every year, but seriously. Worst VMAs ever.
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I'm Drunk, So I'm Gonna Get On Livejournal And Ask For Help

Helllooooooooooooo, livejournal!

A) I did many hours and amounts of hurricane prep at work and home, and we didn't get any rain.

b-) I have slept 4 hours in 2 days, and I am EXHAUSTED.

3) remember when I used to have time to hang out on the old el-jay all the time? I miss that.

d/4) I have had a lot of vodka

something) QB saw a music video recently witha guy with a Broadway tattoo on his back, and Ludacris was in the video, and now he wants to to know the song and/or artist. We are on a race to figure out what it is, but my google-fu is failing me. Anyone want to help so I look impressive?

(QB and I are having our 4-year anniversary on Friday. Is that shit bananas or what?)

P.S. Has anyone heard that song "The Story" by Brandi Carlile? Holy cow do I love that song.

In conclusion, ponies are still awesome.