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this tragic display of my last laugh

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  • sadiekate@livejournal.com
Friending Policy

Because my flist got a wee bit unmanageable, as of September 2006, I am no longer friending everyone back. Please feel free to friend me, though, I probably won't friend back unless you pipe up and introduce yourself somewhere. But by all means, do comment, because I like to get to know people. I don't bite! Okay, I do, but I've had all my shots. Long story short - it doesn't really matter if I friend you back, because 98% of my posts are public anyway. I am shameless that way.

Spoiler Policy

If you post uncut spoilers, even just reaction spoilers, I will cut you. Not just from my flist. I may actually use a chainsaw. On you. Seriously. Spoilers are bad. Especially for Veronica Mars.

Why I Am Kickass

Sadie harnesses the powers of physics and ridiculousness in equal measure in order to create a more harmonious universe. -- hjcallipygian

Run, do not walk to sadiekate's LJ. Trust me, once you pick up sadiekate, you won’t be able to put her down. She is absolutely riveting, with one twist after another. She’s funny, she’s dirty, she can write like you wouldn’t believe. A stellar effort and destined to be a big seller for years to come. (On a personal note, SK and I are quite close and I love her like a sister, but this has NOT biased my review of her. She fucking kicks ass and achieves levels of awesome not yet seen on LJ, regardless.) -- __tiana__

All in all, you fucking rock and anyone who claims different better be ready to have their ass kicked. -- lex_83

I friended sadiekate because she wrote a good fic, but I stayed because she's funny as hell and would share key lime cheesecake with me. -- kibarika

sadiekate (and her fic) are the awesomest things since Wonder Bread and the most wondrous things since...Awesome Bread, whatever that means. -- indiechicdcfc

sadiekate: awesome boobs, awesome fanfic, awesome taste in men. Plus, she eats babies. I think that says it all. -- amarettolime25

Muhney: "Where's Boobs??" THE END. -- helpwess

sadiekate is bringing the "in" back to the Internet, one post at a time! Her ingenious attempts to make you watch better TV will amaze you! Her intricate zombie contingency plan will astound you! Her ginormous boobs will stupefy you! But most of all, the brilliance of her wit will floor you! -- thejadedflames

I'm just here for the rack. -- truemyth

Click here to see some awards that I have won.

Here's a smaller version of the awesome wallpaper that lostt1 made for my fic Scattered Scars Like Constellations, as a birthday present:

"My greatest strength would be my humility. My greatest weakness is that it's possible I am too awesome." -- Barack Obama

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